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What are the benefits of 1-on-1 CCL class?

There is not one magic pill or a universal method that will work for everyone preparing for CCL. Different students have different learning styles and needs.

In a group class it is almost impossible for a teacher to address individual needs. There are many things to be taught and it’s highly likely that there will be a few students who feel left behind. As I mentioned above, not everyone prefers the same learning styles although there aim is the same.

Now this is where 1-on-1 class shines. This class consists of one tutor and only one student at a time. All the focus goes to the student and the teacher can gain a full comprehension of student’s learning styles and needs.

You can ask any questions in your mind without any hesitation. Based on your performance the teacher can give you a customized feedback and exam tips, which are suited for your individual needs. This 1-on-1 class will definitely become a game changer and make a significant difference in whether or not you’re going to pass the exam.

At nepalinaati we conduct online class using Skype, which is a free software. We contact students on a suitable time agreed by both parties (student and teacher). You’ll need a laptop or a smart phone and headphone for better communication; however headphones are not mandatory as laptops and phones usually have built-in audio device.

During and after the class the teacher will provide you feedback based on your performance on scored mock tests. If you’d like to know more about our 1-on-1 CCL class, then please contact us using the chat box on the bottom right corner or through our Facebook page.

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