Terms and Conditions


Downloading the course content is strictly prohibited. It’ll be considered a copyright infringement. Your course access may be cancelled with no refund, and you may have to face legal proceedings. We use different measures to audit user login parameters on a regular basis.
Although using multiple devices, such as a phone, tablet or laptop is allowed, sharing the login credentials with another person is prohibited. If found doing so, your access will be removed immediately without any refund.
Our course material must not be used commercially or for teaching, purpose be it private tuition or professionally in any manner or form. If found doing so, actions will be taken.

Breach of copyright

A person who makes unauthorised use of copyright material infringes the copyright owner’s rights and can be sued for monetary compensation (Copyright Act 1968)

Money Back Guarantee/Unlimited Access

Money-back guarantee applies only for full-fee ($499) paying Gold Kit students enrolled from 16/11/2019 onwards. For a money-back guarantee, you must be able to score at least 65/90 in total and 32/45 in each dialogue in the second mock test. If you fail to achieve this score, the money-back guarantee offer won’t apply.

The transaction fee charged by Stripe or Paypal won’t be refunded.

Unlimited access means access till you pass the exam only. It cannot be shared with anyone whosoever. If proof of exam booking is not provided, the access will expire in 3 months. Unlimited access applies to full-fee paying students enrolled in the Gold kit prior to/on 19th Dec 2022.

Cash Back Offer

If you have used a discount coupon to enrol in a course, then this offer does not apply to you. You must have paid the full advertised price of the course in order to qualify for this offer
You must provide us with your exam results and your photo (face must be clearly visible), which will be then shared via platforms, such as Facebook. Sensitive details, such as candidate ID or last name will be edited out.
Failing to fulfil the criteria mentioned above will make the offer void.

Course Access

You can use multiple devices to log in at the same time, but it should not be shared with anyone else. Your course access will be removed if found doing so.
During course/website updates, the site may be temporarily down. Such updates are carried out around 11:00 pm (AEDT) onwards.
We use the AEDT time zone only. It has been mentioned in multiple places as well, and we mention this verbally too during the online class. If a student, however, misses a class because of a time zone difference, then we may not be able to provide a make-up class nor be held responsible for a missed class/test.
If the website is down due to third-party issues, which rarely happens & hasn’t happened yet), then students will be contacted via email and alternative online classes will be arranged until the issue gets resolved.
Dialogues are provided in audio and/or video format, not in written format. Vocabulary is provided in written format.

Using the online chat platform
The online chat is available from 9:00 am – 12:00 pm (midnight). You can ask any questions here regarding the course or the course content.
If your chat request hasn’t been replied to, it goes to our email and we can reply later if you have left your email address in the online chat platform.
Enrolled students are encouraged to use our Viber group to ask questions regarding dialogues and vocabulary and get a prompt responses. They may use other platforms such as online chat or email too, but delays should be expected.

Collecting information
We collect all the information provided during the course enrolment process. We do not supply this information to a third party.
During the checkout process, you’ll see a field that says ‘subscribe to stay updated. You must not uncheck this box and stay subscribed. You’ll be then added to our email list automatically. We’ll send emails regarding updates and other information periodically. Failing to stay subscribed might result in missing out on important updates for which the student must take responsibility.
All enrolled students are required to provide us with their exam date within a week of enrolling and exam results within a week of receiving the exam result. We encourage providing a photo too.
Students’ exam results and photos (if provided) will be published on our Facebook page. Sensitive information such as candidate ID and last name will be edited out.
Since we provide digital products, refunds are not provided if a student changes his/her mind later or cancels the exam. We encourage prospective students to enrol in our free-course first to see if they find the course useful. All pre-enrolment information is provided on our website. You should questions about any confusion prior to enrolment. Refund will not be provided after the enrolment if a student is unable to access material because of a faulty/incompatible machine.

Access Hold Feature

This feature is available in Gold kit and Silver kit only. You can request to pause your course access for a total of up to 30 days, once only. Please note that you must submit the online class registration form where you need to supply your photo and exam booked proof to be eligible for access hold.

Online Class

Nepalinaati.com reserves the right to make changes to the online class timetable at any given time. Depending on students’ needs and changing circumstances online class timetables may be changed, although not frequently. Students will be provided 2 weeks’ notice.

In order to join the online class, students are required to fill out a registration form available in the course. They’re also required to submit their photo along with the evidence of exam booking. This step is also mandatory to view the online class recording.

Course Upgrade

We allow course upgrades by just paying the course fee difference for Crash kit and Silver kit students.

To upgrade you need to email info@nepalinaati.com. We’ll send bank details to which payment must be made. Then we’ll provide access to the upgraded course once the payment comes through.

Note: Upgrade requests must be made within 15 days and 30 days of enrollment for Crash kit and Silver kit enrollments respectively. Mock tests and one-on-one classes will not reset after the upgrade. For instance, if you upgrade from the Crash kit to the Gold kit and you have already taken a mock test, then in the Gold kit you’ll have 1 mock test remaining instead of two. Exam booked proof must be submitted for the upgrade.

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