Nepali NAATI Vocabulary You Must Know – 2021

Having appropriate knowledge of English to Nepali and vice-versa vocabulary is crucial to your chances of passing the NAATI CCL examination. However, it doesn’t mean that you have to memroise thousands of random words. There are 12 different dialgoue topics which could be asked in the NAATI CCL test, and you need to have at least basic idea about this.

Nepali NAATI Vocabulary Practice

For your practice and to give you a general idea, we have prepared Nepali NAATI vocabulary flashcards/quiz on two different dialogue topics – Health and Legal, which you can practise on your own. For more vocabulary flashcards, please enroll in our Free NAATI CCL online course – Starter Kit.

And for a full pdf list of Nepali NAATI vocabulary, please enroll in our paid courses.

Download the pdf version of the Vocabulary

Nepali NAATI Health vocabulary.pdf

Nepali NAATI Legal vocabulary.pdf


NAATI CCL Vocabulary – LEGAL


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