Nepali NAATI Exam Dialogues

Most of the dialogues in the Nepali NAATI CCL exam usually get repeated from previous examination, which means that practising such past-exam material can help you prepare for the test in a short amount of time. Below you’ll find the Nepali NAATI Exam dialogues which appeared on the 6th of September 2023 online test.

6th September 2023 Nepali NAATI Exam Dialgoues

nepali naati exam dialogue_06.09.2023

Dialogue 1: BUSINESS

Clothing library

Dialogue 2: HEALTH

Hay fever

Dialogue 3: EMPLOYMENT

Attending a sales conference


Publishing a guide book for new migrants


Request to attend a sales conference

Dialogue 6: HEALTH

Speech therapy

Dialogue 7: EDUCATION

Extra project work at school

Dialogue 8: COMMUNITY

Conversation with a neighbour regarding son’s difficult behaviour

In 2023, we’ve seen 60% – 90% chance of past-exam dialogues repetition, so make sure to practise these dialogues before the NAATI CCL test. Our online courses have some of these dialgoues too. Enroll in Gold kit and get access to the latest past-exam NAATI question bank.

As of 6th September 2023, the nearest Nepali NAATI Exam date is on the 4th of October and the 25th of October; then, 11th of November. If you need help with booking the exam date, please email us at, or simply click here to book the exam. We recommend having 1-2 months time for preparation.

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