Nepali NAATI CCL Exam Dialogues Prediction – 2023

Did you know that similar to PTE, NAATI also has a question bank? Past-exam dialogues get repeated in the NAATI CCL online exam as well. Practising these dialogues can significantly increase your chances of passing the NAATI CCL test.

While our Nepali NAATI online courses – Crash kit, Silver kit and Gold kit – have past-exam dialogues, Gold kit has the up-to-date latest dialogues. As you get more dialogues from recent exam, we add them to Gold kit. So, if you have limited time to prepare for the NAATI exam, consider enrolling in Gold kit.

CourseChance of Repetition
Crash kit40%-60%
Silver kit40%-60%
Gold kit60%-100%

Please note below is the prediction for NAATI CCL Exam for Nepali Language only.

NAATI CCL Nepali Exam Prediction for 8th November 2023

DOMAINDialogue TopicAvailable in
BUSINESSOpening a business bank accountGold kit
BUSINESSrestaurant advertisement on social media and radio – conversation between business owner and advertising agenGold kit
COMMUNITYAnnual park clean-upGold kit
COMMUNITYRescuing an injured birdGold kit
COMMUNITYTalking to neighbour about son’s dentist appointmentGold kit
COMMUNITYneighbour participating in run for charityGold kit
COMMUNITYCommunity GardenGold kit
COMMUNITYPost office sending a giftGold kit
COMMUNITYMarathon for School charityGold kit
COMMUNITYGardeningGold kit
COMMUNITYPet/Dog adoptionGold kit
COMMUNITYfree english lessons for new migrantsGold kit
CONSUMER AFFAIRSvacuum cleaner repairGold kit
CONSUMER AFFAIRSRestaurant complaintGold kit
EDUCATIONuniform enquiry for daughterGold kit
EDUCATIONChild care centre enrollmentGold kit
EDUCATIONmusic lesson for daugher – fluteGold kit
EMPLOYMENTpromotion to supervisorGold kit
EMPLOYMENTgetting work experienceGold kit
EMPLOYMENTfactory worker asking for extra shiftGold kit
FINANCEBank loan to buy a carGold kit
HEALTHcold and flu: medical certificate requiredGold kit
HEALTHPatinet between a GP and a son regarding his elderly mother’s deteriorating health conditionGold kit
HOUSINGfixing stair with landlordGold kit
HOUSINGDishwasher ComplaintGold kit
HOUSINGTenant and Landlord conversationGold kit
HOUSINGRequesting for a repair with real estate agent; carpet and wall paintGold kit
INSURANCEcar broken window insuranceGold kit
INSURANCEPet insuranceGold kit
INSURANCETravel insurance – Health insurance going to Great Barrier ReefGold kit
INSURANCElost insurance cardGold kit
INSURANCELost mobile phoneGold kit
SOCIAL SERVICESAged care assessmentGold kit

NAATI CCL Nepali Exam Prediction for 6th December 2023

DomainDialogue TopicAvailable in (Course)
BUSINESSmobile businessGold kit
BUSINESSprinting brochures for vehicle repair businessGold kit
COMMUNITYDog adoptionGold kit
COMMUNITYgarden shedGold kit
COMMUNITYGardening – cutting a treeGold kit
COMMUNITYDog adoptionGold kit
COMMUNITYMulticultural programGold kit
CONSUMER AFFAIRSconsumer complaintGold kit
CONSUMER AFFAIRShigh electricity billGold kit
EDUCATIONUniversity accommodationGold kit
EDUCATIONAfter school care centreGold kit
EDUCATIONAutismGold kit
EDUCATIONParent complaining about son getting bulliedGold kit
EDUCATIONHead Lice OutbreakGold kit
EMPLOYMENTJob interviewGold kit
HEALTHPharmacist and customer – medicaiton prescriptionGold kit
HEALTHShoulder InjuryGold kit
HEALTHmidwife + new mother parenting conversationGold kit
HOUSINGRenting an apartment near train stationGold kit
IMMIGRATIONtranscript translationGold kit
IMMIGRATIONCitizenship applicationGold kit
IMMIGRATIONParental visaGold kit
LEGALCar accident: personal injury compensationGold kit

Disclaimer: Please note these are predictions only and as such we do not guarantee appearance of these dialogues in the upcoming NAATI exam. You should cover all other domains equally.

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