NAATI Test Dates 2021 – Nepali Language

Please note that these test dates are subject to change.

how to book naati test date in 2021 - Nepali Language

As of August 6 2021, here are the NAATI test dates for Nepali language available on NAATI’s website

  • 23 August 2021
  • 20 September 2021
  • 12 Novermber 2021

How To Check NAATI Test Dates for Nepali Language

In order to see the available NAATI test dates, you need to create a myNAATI account.

First, go to NAATI’s official website. Then hover over the ‘our services’ menu item and click on ‘CCL testing’. You’ll be redirected to the CCL general information page. Finally, scroll down to the ‘Apply’ section of the page and then click on ‘myNAATI’.

how to book naati test dates 2021
Click on ‘our services’ on the top menu and then go to ‘CCL testing’.
NAATI Test Dates 2021 - Nepali Language 1
Then scroll down until you see ‘Apply’.

NAATI Test Dates 2021 - Nepali Language 2
If you have already created a NAATI account, then you can login by following the same process mentioned above. If not, then you need to register.
NAATI Test Dates 2021 - Nepali Language 3
Enter your email address and other details and complete the online registration process.

NAATI Test Dates 2021 - Nepali Language 4

Check your email from NAATI for a temporary password. Use this password to log in and you’ll be prompted to create a new password. You are now logged into the myNAATI portal.

Once you are logged in to your myNAATI home page, you can see various options, such as ‘Update My Details’, ‘Change My Password’, ‘Manage My Tests’, ‘Submit An Application’. Now click on ‘SUBMIT AN APPLICATION’.

NAATI Test Dates 2021 - Nepali Language 5

NAATI Test Dates 2021 - Nepali Language 6

Here, you’ll see different tests run by NAATI. You need to click on ‘Credential Community Language (CCL) Testing. You’ll be required to fill out your details here once again, and you can see your Customer Number too.

On the next page, there is a question “Why are you taking this test?” And there are three options. Select the last option that says “To obtain Credentialed Community Language Points”.

  • To work as a translator or interpreter
  • To obtain a skills assessment for migration purpose
  • To obtain Credentialed Community Language Points
NAATI Test Dates 2021 - Nepali Language 7

Now you’ll be able to select the language “Nepali’ and test location – “online”. Finally, you’ll be able to see the indicative Test Session. Please note that these test dates are indicative only and may change. If you cannot find the desired NAATI test date, then you should log in to myNAATI account and check for any available test dates on a regular basis.

NAATI Test Dates 2021 - Nepali Language 8

The next step for you is to upload an identification document and a passport-sized photo. NAATI will then check your eligibility and you’ll be able to receive an email from NAATI stating that you can book a test date and make payment as well. Login to your myNAATI account once again, click on ‘manage test’, and follow the prompts.

Which NAATI online course to enroll in?

Now that you’ve booked the NAATI test, the next question is which course to enroll in.

We offer four different NAATI online course so that you can prepare for the NAATI online test at home with ease.

COURSEEnroll IfCourse Fee
Basic KitIf you already have enough study material (dialogues and vocabulary) with you,
but you want to get feedback and learn the strategy
AUD 99
Crash KitIf you have less than 30 days left to prepare, and you want to be ready in a short time.
Practicing past exam dialogues will prepare you for the NAATI test in just a few weeks.
AUD 249
Silver KitIf you have 30-60 days time and you want to practise past-exam and some additional dialogues
to increase your chances of passing the NAATI CCL exam.
AUD 299
Gold KitIf you want to access all the latest past-exam dialogues
If you do an in-depth preparation of more than 2 months.
If you want a money-back guarantee.
If you want peace of mind.
AUD 499
Starter KitIf you want to take a trial class first and enroll in a Free course.
If you want to gain some basic idea about NAATI

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