NAATI CCL Nepali Past-exam Dialogues 2021/2022 – 50-60% chance of repetition

Note: These NAATI CCL Nepali past-exam dialogues are topics only. Full dialogues are available in our course.

NAATI CCL Nepali Past-exam Dialogues 2021/2022 – 50-60% chance of repetition 1

When it comes to NAATI CCL test preparation, most people have no idea where and how to prepare.

Some students think ‘Oh this is easy, I have studied English and Nepali (or your mother tongue) for many years – it shouldn’t be difficult”. And then they don’t practise at all underestimating the exam difficulty.

On the other hand, some start to panic. They think the CCl exam, where language interpretation is required, must be very difficult. They then start practicing very difficult dialogues on Legal and Immigration topics. Next, they’ll start memorizing numerous words with no end to it. How many words can you memorise? All the words in English and Nepali? That is impossible!

This is why it is paramount to understand and practise past-exam dialogues. This gives you an idea of the limited dialogues and vocabulary you need to practise. And don’t worry – there are about 50 dialogues on average which you can practise in less than a month and be ready for the NAATI exam.

In the NAATI CCL examination, past-exam material is repeated similar to PTE. There is a ‘question bank’ with many dialogues under all the 12 exam dialogue topics. Practising these dialogues and vocabulary will certainly help you pass the CCL test easily.

Here are a few NAATI CCL Nepali past-exam dialogues from the exam conducted in 2021 and 2022.

Note: this is for English – Nepali language only. Other languages may or may not have had the same dialogues.

NAATI CCL Nepali Past-Exam Dialgoue: 09 December 2020

Dialogue 1: A parent speaking with a teacher regarding how his son not submitting assignments on time – EDUCATION

Dialogue 2: A factory worker asking for extra shifts over the weekend – EMPLOYMENT

Dialogue 3: A new restaurant owner trying to find advertisement services – BUSINESS

Dialogue 4: Public trustee – LEGAL

NAATI CCL Nepali Past-Exam Dialogue: 24 January 2022

Dialogue 1: A father speaking to a real estate agent regarding finding a house suitable for his disabled son – HOUSING

Dialogue 2: A patient consulting with a GP after suffering a shoulder injury while playing sports – HEALTH

Dialogue 3: A new mother speaking to a community nurse regarding taking care of a newborn – HEALTH

Dialogue 4: A daughter speaking with a nurse regarding arranging aged care assessment for her elderly mother – SOCIAL SERVICES

NAATI CCL Nepali Past-Exam Dialogue: 24 February 2022

Dialogue 1: Electricity bill payment – CONSUMER AFFAIRS: A customer calls the energy provider to ask about the high electricity bill.

Dialogue 2: Flute lesson enquiry – EDUCATION: A parent wants his daughter to take flue lessons from the school music teacher.

NAATI CCL Nepali Past-Exam Dialogue:03 March 2022

Dialogue 1: Garden Shed dispute with neighbour – COMMUNITY

Dialogue 2: Renewing rental lease – HOUSING

NAATI CCL Nepali Past-Exam Dialogue:24 March 2022

Dialogue 1: Opening a school banking account – FINANCE

Dialogue 2: Discussion with supervisor after new staff’s trial shift – EMPLOYMENT

Dialogue 3: Taking care of elderly mother – SOCIAL SERVICES

Dialogue 4: Find a rental property near the train station – HOUSING

How often are these dialogues repeated? I’d say about a 60% to 80% chance of repetition. Every month NAATI conducts 2 to 3 CCL online tests. We add dialogues similar to these topics to our course every month. You can access full dialogues and vocabulary too.

Our NAATI online coursesCrash Kit, Silver Kit, and Gold Kit – have past-exam dialogues. However, Gold Kit is the only one to which we constantly add recent exam dialogues and vocabulary.

As of now, there are 55 past-exam dialogues and about 1,000 vocabularies in Crash Kit and Silver Kit, whereas Gold Kit has 65+ dialogues and 2000+ vocabulary. Gold kit and Silver Kit have other non-past-exam additional dialogues too.

So, what are you waiting for? Enroll in one of our NAATI CCL online courses, and increase your chances of passing the CCL test.

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