NAATI CCL Mock Test (Nepali Language)

You’ll get feedback and scores for each dialogue out of 45 and a total score out of 90 within 1-5 working days of the mock test. This will give you a good insight into your chances of passing the actual CCL exam

  • Test fee: AUD 49 per test
  • Test Mode: online using a platform very similar to the actual test
  • How to access: We’ll email you a link along with instructions after you purchase a mock test

Enrolled Students!

Students enrolled in Crash kit, Silver kit, and Gold kit – To access the mock test please navigate within the course to access.

Mock Test Screenshots

NAATI CCL Mock Test (Nepali Language) 1

Our mock test platform is very similar to the real NAATI exam. This will help you understand what to expect in the CCL examination and boost your confidence.

4 thoughts on “NAATI CCL Mock Test (Nepali Language)”

    1. Hi Nilam. Crash kit, Silver kit and Gold kit students need to book the mock test from within the course, not this page.

    1. Hi Jyoti,

      Currently, our mock test is done face-to-face (online via Zoom). This means that you get mock test score and feedback during the mock test.

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