nepalinaati NAATI CCL

Is it difficult to pass the NAATI CCL exam?

There is a common belief among some students that it is very difficult to pass the NAATI CCL examination as compared to PTE-A. I agree with them but then I disagree as well.

Compared to PTE-A, NAATI CCL is fairly new in the market- a little over 1 year only. There aren’t many tips, tricks, and methodologies around as there are for PTE-A, and the same goes for qualified teachers as well. CCL is not something you can prepare for overnight. It is a language interpretation exam where the more you practise, the better you get at it.

Let’s have a look at swimming as an analogy for our better understanding.

For instance, I give you a book on ‘how to swim like a pro’, and you finish reading the whole book overnight. Not only that, you also managed to watch a couple of YouTube videos on swimming techniques the same night. Then, would you be able to swim with ease the next morning? You did read a book on pro swimming techniques, but you didn’t practise at all. So, you most likely will drown, let alone swimming like a pro.

So, the take-home message here is that no matter how well someone explains you the CCL exam technique and tips, no matter how many videos you watch on YouTube and no matter how many dialogues & vocabularies you have, it won’t make a difference if you don’t practise. And it goes without saying that you do need plenty of dialogues and vocabularies, which we provide in our online class.

I recommend about 2 hours practice everyday; 1.5 hours for dialogues, at least 2 per day and about 15 mins for vocabulary memory practice. Do this for 1 month and you’ll see significant improvement. It will drastically boost your confidence, and you won’t find the CCL test intimidating any more.

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