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FAQs about the NAATI test

  1. What is NAATI CCL test?

    NAATI stands for National Accreditation Authority for Translators and Interpreters, which is a government organization. CCL stands for Credentialed Community Language, which is an interpretation test. Candidates who pass the CCL test can get ‘5 bonus points’ towards their permanent residency application.
    This 35 minutes test involves language interpretation from English to your native language and vice-versa. You’ll hear a dialogue between two people, English and non-English. You should take notes, and after listening to each segment, you should interpret.

  2. How much does the NAATI CCL exam cost?

    The test application fee is AUD 800. You are allowed to reschedule and/or cancle the test a week before the NAATI test date. Please read the rescheduling policy here.

  3. Is NAATI difficult?

    The NAATI CCL test is completely based on listening and speaking skills. Since you only need to pass the test (63/90) to claim 5 points, it’s not that difficult. Please read this blog to find out more.

  4. How long is the NAATI CCL test valid for?

    It’s valid for 3 years. At the end of 3 yeaers, you’ll have to retake the NAATI test to continue claiming 5 points.

  5. Can I take the NAATI test online?

    Yes, as of now (14/08/2021), the NAATI test is online, so you can do it online from anywhere including outside of Australia. You need to use a laptop, a mobile phone, and a wired headset with internet connection. This test can be done from your home.

FAQs about our NAATI CCL online course

  1. Which languages do you provide the NAATI class in?

    At the moment we only have Nepali language materials. We will provide materials for other languages very soon.

  2. I want to join the NAATI course. Can I enroll online?

    All enrolments must be done online. Simply click on a course, add it to cart, complete the payment process. You’ll be able to register yourself and create and account during the enrollment process. You can then use your email and password to login and access the course immediately.

  3. How long does it take to prepare for the NAATI test?

    It really depends on how many hours you can put in every day and your previous language skills as well. Most of the NAATI students prepare for 4-8 weeks. However, there are some who have passed the test with just 2 weeks’ preparation. The ideal time period would be 8 weeks. If you want to pass the test in a short duration, you need to practise past-exam questions. For this you can enroll in Crash Kit.

  4. Can I pass the NAATI CCL test in just 1 month?

    If you’re serious about passing the test and can practise for 2 hours every day, then 1 month can be enough. Enrol Crash Kit first and contact our teacher, who’ll be able to help you devise a customised study plan. If you follow our instructions and study diligently, your chances of passing the NAATI test will be quite high.

  5. Which NAATI course will be good for me?

    If you want to significantly increase your chances of passing the Nepali NAATI exam, then enroll in Gold kit or Silver kit. However, if you have less than 4-6 weeks left, then you can go for Crash Kit.
    Basic kit: Enroll in this course only if already have plenty of dialogues and vocabulary, and you’re looking for some guidance and feedback, which you can get by attending our live online NAATI classes.

  6. How does the NAATI online class work?

    There are three components in our course:
    1. Weekly live online class
    2. Self-practice materials (dialogues + vocabulary)
    3. Mock Test
    The live class is delivered online every week. Each class is 1 hour run by our NAATI Accredited teacher. You need a laptop or a mobile device and internet connection in order to participate. This is similar to going to a classroom as you can see the teacher and other students live from the comfort of your bed.
    If you want to trial our course and attend free NAATI online class, then enroll in Starter Kit.

  7. What is the timetable for NAATI online classes?

    We follow Sydney/Melbourne/Canberra time zone
    Tuesday: 8pm – 9pm
    Thursday: 8pm – 9pm
    Saturday: 10am – 11am
    Saturday: 8pm – 9pm
    Classes are run on an ongoing basis every week. You can take all these classes.

  8. What if I miss the online NAATI class?

    Online classes are recorded and you can watch the videos, which are uploaded in the course, if you miss a class.

  9. How is the NAATI mock test conducted?

    It’s a 1-on-1 session between the tutor and the student. Both parties will be in a video call conducted via Zoom. You’ll get access to a calendar within the course via which you can book the mock test.

    The teacher plays the dialogues and provides score and feedback immediately after the test. You can also ask any questions before or after the test.

  10. Can I download the dialogues and vocabulary?

    We give you online access up to 3 months and even provide *free extension if you change your exam dates, which means downloading should not be necessary. And in order to prevent piracy and copyright infringements downloading is restricted and prohibited.

  11. Do you provide money back guarantee?

    Yes, but only for our full fee paying Gold kit students. You can either take your money back if you fail, or continue studying with us until you pass the test.

  12. Will I be able to contact the teacher if I have any questions outside of the class time?

    We have created a NepaliNaati group in Facebook and Whatsapp. You can join either of them and ask any questions, which will be answered by other students and/or the teacher. Alternatively, you can email

  13. Is there any difference in NAATI online class and a face-to-face class?

    The online class is actually better than a regular class.
    The NAATI CCL class does not involve a practical component where you must observe a teacher. You need to practise dialogues and vocabulary, which can be done online as well; there is no difference. We give you dialogues with answers so you can practise independently. For feedbacks there are live online classes and 1-on-1 mock tests.
    The only difference is that online CCL class is much more affordable (less than half) and convenient. Why pay $800-$1,000 when less than $400 gives you more practice materials and classes.

  14. Why should I join NepaliNaati’s online class?

    Money back guarantee*
    Unlimited class*
    Past-exam dialogues
    1-on-1 mock tests
    We are Australia’s first online NAATI CCL coaching centre with more than 2000 enrolled students so far. We also have highly experienced NAATI CCL instructor who holds paraprofessional interpretation accreditation from NAATI for Nepali language.

    We have huge online library of past-exam dialogues and vocabulary. Students can access these materials anytime anywhere they want. With nepalinaati you are not limited to a 1-2 hour traditional class for practice. Since answers to all dialogues are provided, you can practise for unlimited hours by yourself without being monitored by a teacher.

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