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NAATI CCL Nepali Information

Please read the information below before you start practicing the dialogues

Please use the following dialogues as practice materials for the Nepali NAATI CCL test. The exam duration is approximately 15-20 minutes. There are two dialogues with about 10 segments each. There are less than 35 words in each segment which you need to interpret from English to Nepali and vice-versa. You’ll hear one segment at a time. The testing officer pauses the audio after each segment for you to interpret (you should take notes while listening to the segments). Within 5 seconds of hearing the chime (sound indicator) at the end of each segment, you should start interpreting.

You’ll have to play and pause the audio yourself after you hear the chime. In the actual test, the you only hear the next segment when you click ‘next’.

Click here for the NAATI CCL Nepali vocabulary list pdf file for this dialogue.

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Please do not forget to subscribe to our YouTube channel, where we’ve explained about the Nepali NAATI CCL Test Format quite clearly. It’s a 30-minutes-long video with detail description of CCL exam tips, tricks and strategies, which will certainly help in your NAATI CCL preparation journey.

Most students find it extremely useful. Go ahead and watch those videos. If you still have some questions or confusion, do not hesitate to contact us via the online chat window or our Facebook page for a quick reply.

Simply practising the free dialogues available in our Starter Kit won’t be enough to pass the exam. There are 12 different dialogue topics such as health, immigration, centrelink, legal, community setting, and others. A thorough preparation would involve having the knowledge of all these topics along with required vocabulary and plenty of dialogues to practise with. We recommend you compare our Nepali NAATI CCL online courses side-by-side and enroll in the one that suits you the most.


Preparing for the NAATI Test At Home?

Here are 5 easy but must-know tips for any student preparing for the NAATI CCL examination at home.

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