Free NAATI CCL Online Consultation for Nepali Students

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Are you preparing for the NAATI CCL Nepali test by yourself at home?

Are you concerned whether you are preparing in the right direction?

Do you want to find out the right strategy to prepare and ascertain your success in the NAATI test?

Do you want some expert feedback from NAATI certified Nepali interpreter for free?

..then you are in the right platform.. provides all Nepali students preparing for the CCL exam a free 15-minutes live online consultation with our NAATI accredited Nepali interpreter.

It’s a live online session conducted using Zoom. All you need to do is select a preferred date and time using the calendar below. Then, you’ll get a Zoom link in your email. Use the link to join the free consultation session.

This free consultation is extremely useful for Nepali students who have just started to prepare for the NAATI CCL test, and are looking for the right guidance.


What can be discussed during this 1-on-1 NAATI online session?

You can ask about the note-taking strategies required during the NAATI CCL exam. We can discuss the most commonly made mistakes or a better study strategy, which can be very useful for students, especially to those preparing for the CCL test at home.

And if you are not sure about which course is the right one for you to enroll in, or you want to book a mock test, we can help you with that too. So, if you don’t want to make any mistakes in the beginning and want to practise using the strategies tailored for you so you can pass the test in the first go, then book this free consultation today!

It’s FREE!!

NAATI CCL 1-on-1 class details

  • Cost: Free
  • Duration: 15 minutes
  • Platform: Zoom (no download required)
  • Process: Book a date using the calendar. Get a link in email. Use the link to join the free session.
  • Only one session per student

Note: Students enrolled in paid courses are not eligible for this consultation, since they can attend the live online class for any discussions or questions they want answered.

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