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This NAATI CCL Online course is for you if:

  • You are a complete beginner
  • You have just started to prepare for the NAATI test online
  • You have more than 2 months to prepare before the NAATI test.
  • You want to practise all the latest past-exam dialogues.
  • You need more guidance and support.

Course Content

  • LIVE ONLINE CLASS –  120 days of access to weekly live online classes hosted by our CCL expert teacher via Zoom. You just need to complete a registration form provided inside the course to join the class.
  • One-on-one class: You can book 4 sessions 30 mins each using a booking calendar available within the course.
  • SELF-STUDY MATERIALS – 120 days access to self-study materials which include 100+ dialogues with translated answers including past-exam dialogues and 5000+ words exam-related vocabulary list. You can access these materials online anytime you want on a mobile phone, tablet, or laptop.
  • MOCK TEST  – 2 scored mock tests using a platform very similar to the actual NAATI test.
  • ORIENTATION VIDEO for new students. These videos are made for beginners and will help you with the NAATI scoring guide, note-taking strategies, and tips & tricks.
  • **Money Back Guarantee: If you’re unable to pass the exam, we’ll refund the course fee. You’ll have to provide the exam failed proof for this. (Note: 2-3.5% course fee is not refunded since it’s a transaction charge levied by PayPal/stripe.)
  • Course Access Hold Feature: Simply send us an email request and we’ll pause your access for up to 30 days. Perfect for when you need to postpone your exam date, or if the 120 days of access provided isn’t enough

Weekly Class Schedule (Sydney Time Zone)

The same dialogue domains are taught in the morning and evening sessions on the same day. Therefore, attending both sessions on the same day is not required.

Tuesday Thursday Saturday
10:00 am – 11:30 am 10:00 am – 11:30 am 10:00 am – 11:30 am
7:00 pm – 8:30 pm 7:00 pm – 8:30 pm 7:00 pm – 8:30 pm

Haven’t booked the NAATI test yet?

You can enroll now and start your preparation now even without booking the exam. Alternatively, you can also postpone your course start date. Just enroll now and email us at to deactivate the course now and reactivate it later at a certain date you choose.

*The timetable is subject to change at any time to suit our students’ availability. Please contact us for the updated version.

**Please read our terms and conditions in detail before enrolling.

Orientation Videos on following topics:

  • Introduction to NAATI CCL
  • Comprehensive Scoring Guide
  • How Many Repeats You Can Ask For
  • Note-taking sample video
  • Note-taking for long segments
  • Note-taking symbols

Past-exam dialogues with answers (in audio format)

  • 50+ dialogues
  • Free Dialogue updates; we add new dialogues after each NAATI exam.


50+ Additional Dialogues with answers under 12 different topics recommended by NAATI

  1. Business 
  2. Community
  3. Consumer Affairs Situation
  4. Education
  5. Employment
  6. Financial
  7. Health
  8. Housing
  9. Immigration
  10. Insurance
  11. Legal
  12. Social Services

Past-exam vocabulary (English - Nepali format)

5000+ words

Mock Test (2)

Using a calendar available inside the course, you can book the mock test date whenever you prefer. Mock tests are conducted via Zoom.

Live Online Class 1 hr each (Sydney/Melbourne/Canberra Time Zone)

  • Tuesday - 7:00 pm
  • Thursday - 7:00 pm
  • Saturday - 10:00 am
  • Saturday - 7:00 pm
  • Dialogues taught in the live online class are different from the ones available for self-study in the course. That is to say that these are additional dialogues to the past-exam ones. You can attend all the classes.

One-on-one class

You can book 4 sessions 30 mins each using a booking calendar available within the course.

Online Class Recordings

All classes are recorded and uploaded to the course within 48 hours after the class. These recordings are kept for up to 7 days.

40 thoughts on “NAATI CCL Nepali | Gold Kit ✪✪✪”

    1. I want to buy a gold kit, is there any offer for this gold kit? Is two weeks enough if I practice from a gold kit, can you please advise me, sir?

  1. Abhishek Bhatt

    Hi trilochan ji , I have naati exam on 29th of may and havent started preparing yet, was thinking of getting a gold kit, the dillema is regarding the class hours, I work night shifts and morning shifts too, the only time that I might be available to learn is during mid day, would you kindly let me know if that is suitable for you if yes, i would like to proceed with the gold kit.
    Kind Regards,

    1. Trilochan Puri

      Hello Abhishek ji. I’ve sent you an email. You don’t necessarily need to attend all the classes. As long as you can attend 1 class per week, it should be enough. But you’ll have to spend a lot of time practising the dialogues in the online course independently.

  2. Pratima Parajuli Gupta

    thinking of enrolling in goldkit . is the content in goldkit enough for preparation ? is enrolling in gold kit is full fee paying students?

    1. Hi Pratima. With Gold kit we have 99% success rate, so 9 out 10 students enroll in this NAATI CCL online course package. If you can allocate 2-3 hours per day for practice, then I recommend going for the gold kit. It’s risk free as it comes with money back guarantee*

    1. Trilochan Puri

      Hi Bikash. An email regarding the discount for NAATI CCL online course – Gold kit – has been sent to you.

  3. I just bought gold kit and I have an exam 12 Aug. I haven’t started yet and how should I start and is 3 weeks time sufficient time study

    1. Hell Chet ji,

      To pass the NAATI CCL test in a short period of time, there are many determining factors. I recommend taking a mock test after the first week and then focus on past exam dialogue topics. Also, you’ll need to work on the feedback you receive during the mock test, and don’t forget to attend live online classes so we can discuss about this more.

    1. If your exam is in two weeks, then I suggest enrolling in the Gold kit since you get access to past exam dialogue topics which may be repeated in the NAATI CCL test. Please check your email for further info.

  4. Jyotsana Maharjan

    Hi, I paid $399 to enrol in the course. Do I get the cash back if I pass? Also, is it 4 different classes for the allocated hours in a week or is it the same class that’s run in 4 different timeslots a week? And with the good starter kit, how long should I take the class for?
    Thank you.

    1. Hi Jyotsana,

      The class timetable is the same for each week unless some urgent chagnes are made, in which case you should always check your email and/or the ‘upcoming online class’ topic for the latest update.
      Regarding the cash back offer, you do get the $100 cashback upon passing the exam. There are also requirements you need to fulfill. Please read our ‘terms and conditions’ page.

      As for the class duration, it depends on your skillset and how much you can spend per day, per week. Generally, students tend to study for 45-60 days with Gold kit.

    1. Hi Renu

      With Gold kit you get:
      Access till you pass the exam to the following:
       24 X7 online access to all dialogues with answers including past-exam dialogues; 104 dialogues altogether
       Past-exam dialogues uploaded consistently
       around 5000 past-exam vocabulary in English to Nepali format
       2 mock tests including feedback and instant scoring conducted online 1-on-1
       Four live online class every week: Tuesday and Thursday 9pm to 10pm, Saturday (2 classes) – 10am-11am and 8pm-9pm
       live online classes are conduced using Zoom (link is available inside the course after successful enrollment)
       online classes recording available for all classes so absent students can watch it later

      For more info: please do not hesitate to call us on 0414 859 819

    1. Hi Mili. You can enroll online. You’ll be able to create an account during the online enrollment process. You’ll get access to the course immediately after the enrollment.

  5. Hey there, Apparently I won’t be able to attend any of those online classes if I take the gold kit, will there be any recorded classes available for those who are not able to join the live class?

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