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NAATI CCL- English to Nepali | Basic Kit

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This NAATI CCL Online course is for you if:

  • You want to enroll in the most affordable NAATI online course.
  • You have less than 30 days to prepare before the NAATI test.
  • You don’t have enough time to practise lots of dialogues but you do want to get some basic idea in a very short amount of time.
  • You want to get feedback by attending one-on-one online class.

What you get in this course

  • ORIENTATION VIDEO for new students. These videos are made for beginners and will help you with NAATI scoring guide, note-taking strategies, and tips & tricks.
  • LIVE ONLINE CLASS - not included
  • One-on-one class: You can book 1 session (30mins) using a booking calendar available within the course.
  • SELF-STUDY MATERIALS - 30 days access* to self-study materials which include 35 dialogues with translated answers under the following dialogue topics and 500+ exam-related vocabulary. You can access these materials online anytime you want on a mobile phone, tablet or a laptop.
    1. Business 
    2. Community
    3. Consumer Affairs Situation
    4. Education
    5. Employment
    6. Financial
    7. Health
    8. Housing
    9. Immigration
    10. Insurance
    11. Legal
    12. Social Services
  • MOCK TEST  - No mock test. You can purchase mock test separately for AUD 49.

  • Online Class Recordings: Not available

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