24 thoughts on “NAATI CCL Nepali Crash Course ✪”

    1. Hi Puspa,

      The crash course is for 30 days. If you can submit the evidence of the exam booking via email, we can extend the course access for few days without any extra chagrge.

    1. Trilochan Puri

      Hi Elina,
      YOu could give me a call on 0414 859 819 so we can discuss in detail about the crash course

  1. I got my score by preparing from crash course . Dialogue was same in the exam which I practiced from the course. Highly recommend Nepali naati for getting extra 5 points . Thankyou Trilochan sir .😊😊

  2. Hi, i want to enrol this course, can we access the recordings in case we can’t attend scheduled online classes?

    1. Hello Kriti ji,
      You can enroll online by simply following the course link above ‘take this course’. Access to the course is granted automatically after the payment. You can call me on 0414 859 819 if you’d like to discuss anything before enrollment.

  3. Sidartha Pradhan

    I wanted to join for the classes.
    May I please know what’s the difference between basic course and Crash Course.
    I have exam coming up in October 25. So which course is best for me?

    Thank You

  4. Good evening sir, I am planning to enroll in Gold Kit, is there any offer/ discount for this? And is 2 weeks enough for exams, if I practice from this gold kit? I booked the exam for 27/03/2024, and I am planning to change my date to May 1, and how long will it take for results, if I give the exam on May 1, 2024?

    1. Hi Laxmi,
      It can take anywhere from 1 to 4 weeks to get the results.
      For beginners, 2 months time is recommended. However, if you can put in the required work, 2 weeks might also be fine but it really depends on you.

    1. Hi Renuka,

      You can enroll online. Just click on the ‘take this course’ button and follow the prompts. If you need help, please contact me on 0414 859 819.

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