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NAATI CCL Crash Course

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Full fee for Crash course is $249.

Enter the code NEWYEAR30 during checkout to get 30% off. Offer valid till 30 April for first 30 students only.

You can enroll in our Crash course for now; and if you’d like to upgrade to Gold kit later, you just need to pay the difference only.

What you get in this course

  • LIVE ONLINE CLASS - 30 days access to weekly live online classes hosted by our CCL expert teacher and attended by other students too. You just need to complete a registration form provided inside the course to join the class. Class duration is 1 hour - conducted 4 times per week using Zoom.
  • Timetable: Tuesday - 9:00 pm, Thursday - 9:00 pm, Saturday - 10:00 am & 8:00 pm (Sydney Time Zone)
  • SELF-STUDY MATERIALS - 30 days access to self-study materials which include 35+ past-exam dialogue topics with recorded answers and 3000+ words exam-related vocabulary list. You can access these materials online anytime you want on a mobile phone, table or a laptop.
  • MOCK TEST  - 1 scored mock test conducted online (live video call) by our teacher. The mock test is 1-on-1 which includes feedaback and also answering your questions.


If you need access for more than 30 days, we can extend the access up to 10 more days for free provided that you email us the exam booked proof.

Alternatively, you can enroll now and request your course to be activated only 30 days before the exam date. For this you'll have to email us to info@nepalinaati.com after enrolling in our course.

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    1. Hi Puspa,

      The crash course is for 30 days. If you can submit the evidence of the exam booking via email, we can extend the course access for few days without any extra chagrge.

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