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NAATI stands for National Accerditation Authority for Translators and Interpreters, which is a government organization. CCL stands for Credentialed Community Language, which is an interpretation test. Candidates who pass the CCL test can get ‘5 bonus points’ towards their permanent residency application.

At the moment we only have Nepali language materials. We will provide materials for Hindi language in the future.

The CCL class does not involve a practical component where you must observe a teacher. You need to practise dialogues and vocabulary, which can be done online as well; there is no difference.

The only difference is that online CCL class is much more affordable (less than half) and convenient. Why pay $800-$1,000 when less than $400 gives you the same if not more practice materials and classes

We have highly experienced CCL instructor who holds accreditation from NAATI for paraprofessional interpretation for Nepali language.

We have huge online library of past-exam questions which include dialogues and must-know vocabulary. Students can access these materials anytime anywhere they want. With nepalinaati you are not limited to a 1-2 hour traditional class for practice. Since answers to all dialogues are provided, you can practise for unlimited hours by yourself without being monitored by a teacher.

We give you online access up to 4 months and even provide free extension if you change your exam dates, which means downloading sholuld not be necessary. And in order to prevent piracy and copyright infringements downloading is restricted and prohibited.

There are three components in our course:

  • Weekly online class
  • Self-study materials
  • Mock Test

We conduct 4 online group sessons every week. You can take unlimited class for up to 4 months. We provide 60+ dialogues with answers and 2000+ past-exam vocabulary which you can access online anytime.

You can get up to 2 scored mock tests which is also coducted online face-to-face in real time, and you recieve score and customized feedback instantly.

We have been providing CCL class to Nepali students for more than a year now. We have a dominating online presence since we have built a strong track record after helping more than 250 students prepare for the CCL test.

If you have any pre-enrollment questions, then please do not hesitate to contat me on 0414859819 directly.

The online payment is secured by SSL encryption. You can use paypal or credit/debit card for payment which goes to our Australian bank account. After payment, you get instant access to the course. You can pay via bank transfer as well, but it will take 2-3 business days for the transaction to be completed.

Join our 1400+ happy students today!

Prepare for the CCL test from the comfort your home. Don't pay $700-$1,000. Start learning with us from just $199!​

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