What is NAATI CCL Test?

NAATI stands for National Accreditation Authority for Translators and Interpreters, whereas CCL stands for Community Credentialed Language. NAATI CCL is basically an interpreting test where you interpret a conversation between two people from English-LOTE (Language Other Than English) and vice-versa.

Upon passing the CCL exam successful candidates can apply to get 5 bonus points towards their permanent residency. Earlier the NAATI test was not much popular; however, with recent spike in the invitation points for permanent residency, it has become almost as popular as PTE (Pearons Test of English).

Do I need to be on my TR to book the CCL test?

Unlike PYP (Professional Year Program) course, applicants do not need to be on TR to book the NAATI CCL test dates. Similar to PTE-A, it can be booked online at any time. Because of the increasing number of NAATI CCL applicants in states such as Sydney, Melbourne and Perth, available test dates may be few months apart; therefore, we suggest applying fo the exam as soon as possible

How do I book the CCL exam?

Exam date can be easily booked at home by visiting NAATI’s official website. Click here to fill the application form. Submit your passport sized photograph and a scanned copy of appropriate ID, such as passport. Once you submit the form you’ll have to select a payment method while filling out the application form. After the payment is processed, NAATI will assess your application. You will find information regarding NAATI CCL test fees ($800) while filling up the form.

In the second stage, you will erceive an email with instructions to select a test session after NAATI confirms your eligibility to sit for the CCL test.

Is it difficult to pass the test?

Not at all. NAATI CCL is nothing but a language interpretation test which involves the languages that we’ve been using all our lives. So, there is nothing to be scared of. You need few things to prepare and pass the CCL exam.

  • Vocabualry list
  • Dialogues based on different topics
  • Exam tips
  • Practice
  • Scored mock tests

NAATI CCL Test Dates 2018/2019

  • 22-26 October 2018
  • 3-7 December 2018
  • 18-22 February 2019
  • 8-12 April 2019
  • 17-21 June 2019

Do I really neeed to attend a class for CCL preparation?

Well, the answer actually depends on you. But from my experience of taking a 9-5:30 class twich a week for 3 months, I’d have to say that it is not mandatory. You’ll not learn something completely new in the class except some vocabulary which we know already but don’t use it that often and hence find it difficult to memorise. The whole class duration consists of learning vocabulary which you know already, so it might get easily get boring.

Once you have the right practice material, then you can actually study at home as well. In the time that it takes you to go to a class, you can actually learn more and be able to cover more topics at home if you enroll in one of our self-study kits or online class.

Choose one of our courses nd start studying at home today! You can even opt in for a scored mock test which will help you build up your confidence and give you a glimpse of how much marks you might get in the actual exam.

How To Practise At Home?

You need to 

  • Practise dialogues from various topics such as health, immigration, community, legal, financial, and others. 
  • Learn the basic vocabulary in both languages English-Nepali under the above mentioned topics.
  • Develop a habit of using Nepali language in everyday topics and while talking to friends as well.
  • Do some scored mock tests and identify your strengths and weaknesses.


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