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NAATI CCL Nepali | Gold Kit ✪✪✪

Access all the latest past-exam dialgoues, live online class, mock tests, 1-1 classes with money back guarantee*

NAATI CCL course nepali practice material_silver kit

NAATI CCL Nepali | Silver Kit ✪✪

2 months course - recommended for Beginners.
Live online classes, mock test, 1-1 classes

naati ccl nepali online crash course

NAATI CCL Nepali Crash Course ✪

Course Fee $299 | Prepare for the NAATI test in just few weeks

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NepaliNaati Student Review for NAATI CCL Nepali Course

I recommend Nepali Naati to everyone who want cheap and good class. They have a great online resource and live online class. Also, Trilochan ji is great mentor. I took a Gold- package and cracked out Naati in just 15 days with good marks. However , i did dedicate myself into and invested at-least 3 hours a day to complete all 62 dialogue. Took 2 online classes and 2 mock test. I am also thankful to Trilochan Ji for arranging 2 mock test for me in short period of notice. Tips : Don`t start with Vocab : Go directly to dialogue by the time you finish all 62 dialogues, you will have at-least have 70% of vocab from the list. If you get stuck use google for English to Nepali single word translation rather than going to vocab list. Also, Those who are planning to take Gold-Package, don`t forget to ask for discount 🙂

Rojesh Khatri

Former NepaliNaati Student

I just did a month preparation from the gold kit and practiced all 50 dialogues n learnt around 2000 vocabs available in the kit. Did the 1-1 online class available in the kit too and i passed it with distinction. Thank you nepali naati for all the techniques n ideas you gave me. cudnt have done it without your guidance. You are the best. Highly recommended.
Home 1
Puspa Thapa
Distinction - 74/90 - NSW
The gold kit helped me immensely in my preparation. I practiced the dialogues with friend and having answers available it was easy to measure self progress . The online classes and mock test added a lot of confidence in me and i was able to paas my CCL exam with distinction. I recommend it to all of you .​
Home 2
Dipa Ghimire
Distinction - 74.5/90 - NSW
just did 2 weeks of gold kit practice and 2 classes with trilochan and the result is here. Its a best place to get your naati result.​
Home 3
Lokesh Kunwar
64/90 - NSW
Change my thinking about online class. 1 to 1 online class is the best option you have when you are busy. Give your available time to get the class you desire and have a good time. Better to have 1 to 1 online class than a group physical class. Thank you NepaliNaati.​
nepalinaati naati ccl score
Suraj Pradhan
64/90 - Melbourne
Trilocan sir is great, you will know how good he is once you experience his teaching methods with his quality study resources. Excellent platform to learn, improve and smash your NAATI exam on your first go. Highly recommeded.
nepali naati student passed the ccl exam
Bhupendra Tamang
65.5/90 - NSW
Being full time mom of 7 months old, neither I had time for attending classes nor time to prepare well at home. Just by applying the techniques taught in 2 hrs online class and slight glance of those study materials for only 3 weeks helped me pass my test, which I hadn't expected. NepaliNaati Ccl is easily accessible, affordable, and effective. Thus, highly recommended.
Home 2
Geeta Adhikari
63/90 - NSW

Meet your NAATI CCL Nepali Teacher

More than 5 years combined experience in teaching NAATI CCL and English
Conducted 500+ CCL mock tests

CCL tutor in Australia
Trilochan Raj Puri - NAATI Accredited Paraprofessional Interpreter

Trilochan has conducted more than 1,000 1-on-1 mock tests so far. Students have found the mock test score to be very close to the actual test score. 

Highly competent in both English and Nepali, Trilochan has taught more than 3,000 students in his academic journey.

Trilochan has been working professionally as a NAATI certified translator and interpreter (English – Nepali) for many years.

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